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The guardians, students, and I will agree upon the best strategies which will allow for the most supportive and postivie learning environment possible, and each member of the "triangle-team" will have an equal responsibility to withhold our agreements. During the learning process, we will monitor the way one approached the instrument, the space, the music, as well as ourselves and others so that we continue to contribute to humanity and the musical world in a healthy and productive way. It is fundamental that everyone feel able to express themselves and their concerns safely, and value flexibility as well respect priorities and forces outside the studio. Policies are designed to protect the student, family, and teacher, and should foster both excitement in musical learning and excellence as well as be a stable foundation for mutual understanding.


We will be mainly working on solo and ensemble repertoire in the Baroque, Classical and Romantic musical eras, but with every assigned piece one must research the composer and their relation to the piece, acclaimed performers or performances of the work, and important and relevant historical facts.

  • If the student has sufficient knowledge of these composition techniques and performance practices, then we may begin on exploring more contemporary material.

Students must bring, along with their instruments, their currently assigned music, a pencil, a notebook, a metronome, and tuner to every lesson and master class.

  • For younger students, we may discuss leaving their instruments at the studio so that they will not gain any injuries or unnecessary tendencies while practicing on their own.

At the studio, each student will have one lesson per week and attend the weekly hour long master class, where every student will eventually have the opportunity to perform. Guest musicians and artists will have frequent visits our studio.

  • Younger students or students with learning disabilities may prefer shorter lessons a week, and may or may not need to attend all master classes and guest events.

  • More experienced players may be suggested to apply and perform for competitions and/or auditions.

  • Studio ensembles may be assigned to those who are interested and include an additional weekly hour-long coaching as a group.

Please contact me PRIOR to all absences unless due to an emergency. Every missed lesson that has been paid for will be taught in a timely manner so long as the student is ready for that education. It is impossible to make-up master classes, coaching’s, or guest events.

  • All lessons that require it must include a travel fee. All fees for that week must be paid and scheduled by the Sunday prior to that week.

  • If a student would like to be placed in a studio ensemble, those coaching’s will be an additional group cost.

  • All guest events will be priced separately and need to be paid a month in advance. Guest events will depend on the guest’s cost of travel and tuition for the event.

  • All auditions and competitions will need to be fully paid for by the student.

I am willing to work with any and all financial situations in order to make musical growth an opportunity for both the family and myself. 

If the student has yet to find an instrument or other equipment I have experience and am willing to help the family find such an instrument that would meet their musical and financial needs.

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