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Miami founded trio including Rebecca Benitez, sopranist, Kendall Grady, violinist, and Emiri Nourishirazi, pianist, perform and commission classical works that explore life's journey through music while promoting contemporary artists and charitable causes.

Red Couple Personal Valentine's Day Phot

Liebe und Traüme

Our first concert focused on both the joy and sorrows of love and dreams of love. It was promoted by the German American Social Club of Greater Miami and reached over 3,300 people across several states with over 800 video views within our first day!



Our second concert had Emiri performing a Chopin Prelude and Rachmaninov's “Elegie,” reflecting upon death and loss. Next, Kendall was joined with UM Fellows Misty Drake and Omar Macias, as well as Greater Miami Youth Symphony's Manager, Michelle Sanchez, to premiere a commissioned quartet written by UM Alumna, Melissa D’Albora. Melissa spoke about her composition, “Perception of Sound,” and how she used extended techniques to express the suffering of the human condition while illustrating how anxiety can uncontrollably emerge to produce disorders such as Trichotillomania. Finally, Rebecca portrayed Charlotte Rowland in the monoopera “Before Breakfast” by Thomas Pasatieri. Charlotte, a depressed and alcoholic wife, is plagued by what her life might have been had she not gotten pregnant and forced into a struggling marriage. Light refreshments were offered as Gaby Torres, a professional therapist, led a discussion around healthy coping strategies and mental health tools.

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