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     Building upon “Holistic Education" in 1970's American public schools that focuses on student  integrated development, I offer this unique and contemporary framework to supply curriculum and principles leading to practical applications for various musical settings and purposes. The history behind “Holistic Education” in America should provide some cultural context in societal development as to why this as a mindset began to develop as well as how the pedagogy in the public school setting has evolved with the addition of many other well-known concepts in general wellbeing. Through ‘Holistic Music Pedagogy’ I attempt to bridge between the movement of “Holism” in American public school education, geared toward academic success in standard United States “Core Curriculum” with the development of the whole child many music organizations strive for. I believe many individual music teachers and organizations, particularly those founded upon El Sistema principals, follow this mindset already, but I hope that providing a more universal language in which to discuss these matters will empower musicians and music educators to develop or strength the impactful skills necessary to support one another and their students as continuously developing human beings and members of a global music society.

     "Holistic Music Pedagogy" provides a lens for developing teaching methods and organizational business practices for the benefit of  overall student well-being and performance growth, fostering independent learners. A curriculum framework and core competency principles foster socio-emotional learning in a culturally responsive environment that has the capacity to balance individual student needs with practical and administrative expectations.  Developed through research, experience, and reflection, "Holistic Music Pedagogy" allows for students to become considerate citizens and powerful in the fields they choose, as well as a means for supporting teachers’ needs and administering an organization’s musical impact on their local community. The templates and cited sources are intended to be practical guides and an introduction for readers and practitioners into the contemporary development of a new classroom musical culture, especially pertaining to the role music fills in the greater society.

     “Holistic Music Pedagogy” prospers on a growth mindset in which one may celebrate overall student progress, teacher skills, and music organization impact on their local communities. The expanse and depth of music can encompass more than the past confines of traditional music-making performances and educational methods, and instead has the capability of developing and guiding individual potential, fueling motivation towards redefining societal values and understandings of success, and fostering creative and empathetic citizens that can establish responsive and ethical laws. As present scientific and humanitarian efforts introduce more thorough and detailed understanding of mental cognition, human development, emotional reasoning, and societal relationships, music professionals find themselves with more responsibility than ever before to discover healthier and more effective ways music can influence the world. Challenging economic and political situations demand music professionals think differently towards discovering ways of creating peace and prosperity, and by doing so re-establish the role and value of our musical society in the modern world.

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I have been incredibly excited to be offering a three day workshop series, including lectures, discussions, and masterclasses, which have previously been given for the Boca del Rio Youth Orchestra entitled "Orquestando Armonia" in Mexico, the Plurinational Conservatory of Music in Bolivia, and the Guatemalan Organization of El Sistema programs!

"A Holistic Approach to Music Education and Performance"

Global Leaders Program Community Workshop Series

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